In our trade department, we supply the best materials for carpentry, joinery and for lightweight constructions. We are importing the finest products from Russia, Ukraine and Latvia for construction, carpentry and sawing uses. For our partners, we undertake to finish, partially process the materials (flame retardation, fungicide, planing, cutting for size, grinding, profiling) .

We have a continuous supply of planed products (paneling, flooring, timber house elements). Those who wish to build fences can choose from a wide variety of the advantegous acacia timbers. In our board sawing workshop we undertake tofinisih workboard and timber, dealing with edges, angles, or angle-cut edges, in any shapes and sizes (laminated, veneered, plywood, OSB furniture panels).

For lightweight constructions we provide drywalls, insulation materials as well as profile elements. Another important factor to take into consideration is that our collegues can supply our customers with professional consultation, preparing furniture dimensions to help the choice.

We believe that this is the key to our success which is proven by many satisfied and returning customers..