Construction carpenter product design and making

Naturally, the main products of construction carpentry are doors and windows.

As our work is unique, sometimes forms and cross-sections of historical buildings, heat insulation, applied materials or other times, things like surface fabrication or special glazing works, fittings, hardwares and many other factors, define the very details of our plans and work. We have been always aiming to follow the latest technological innovations, but on the other hand we find it also important to preserve the values of the past. After manufacturing insulated doors and windows with system 68, we are ready to provide extra 78 and premium 88 cross-sectioned structures as well. In case of wooden doors and windows, the right coating is very important on the surface, especially as UV radiation increases.

The most modern, four-layer-thick glaze system is sprayed on the surface in our dye house by a high pressure sprayer before being treated in an overspray extraction cabin.It can be selected upon request, whether the thermal insulation glazing should be made in two or three layers, over and above we undertake to satisfy special requests as well (for example sunshine protection, soundproofing, UV protection or to provide protection against break-in). Besides doors and windows, many other furniture and decoration can be made out of wood that is part of our joinery work for which we take full responsibility. (For instance for exterior use: fences, wooden awnings, pergolas,  pagodas, terraces, shutters, coverings for walls and balconies. For indoor use: floorings, stairs, ceilings, coverings for walls)

All product categories make both the client and the contractor face with new challenges. Our goal is always to satisfy our customers in accordance with all professional requirements..