Borászat Tokaj-Hegyalján - Építőipari Nívódíj
( Tokaj - Bodrogkisfalud, 2008 )

Salamin Ferenc tervei alapján készítettük a beruházás komplex épületasztalos kivitelezését.

A nyílászárók tájhoz és funkcióhoz igazodó egyedi tervezésűek, a stílus mellett fontos feladat volt a modern hőszigetelés, a páravédelem belülről valamint az UV védelem kívülről.

Munkánkért Építőipari Nívódíj, elismerő oklevélben részesültünk.


Spa and bath complex - Architectural award for local heritage conservation (Szerencs, 2010)

One of our favourite projects was the local spa in Szerencs. 100 years after the original building was built, in 2010 we were given the opportunity to restore the old, abandoned ruins.

The task at hand included the reconstruction of interior and exterior doors and windows, as well as interior construction projects.


Restoration of Rákóczi Castle and Museum - Excellence in Construction Award (Sárospatak, 2007)

The restoration of the castle of Sárospatak was a projekt that took several years. We worked as a subcontractor to Épszer Ltd. of Sárospatak.

Our tasks included the renovation of doors and windows, decoration and furnishing of the exhibition halls, as well as the reconstruction of antique furniture. Our efforts were recognized with an Excellence in Construction Award.


Renovation of the synagogue of Mád (2008) - Europa Nostra Award (Mád, 2004-2005)

Architects: Ágnes Benkő and Péter Virth

The project included comprehensive interior construction and furnishings, reconstruction of doors and windows and restoring interior decoration elements. Some of the main challanges  were creating curved, 3D details of wild cherry and oak, restoring the authentic style of the interior doors, elaborate carvings, as well as using a special goldplating technique on the wooden constructions.

Our company and the partners we worked with received an Europa Nostra Heritage Award from the European Union.


Wooden Church - Pro Architectura Award (Certificate of Appreciation) (Miskolc, 2000)

Hungary’s famous Wooden Church tragically burned down in 1998. The project represented a considerable challange, both in volume and complexity. 80 cubic meters  of siberian redwood were used during the production. The project included custom solutions such as special junctions, patterns and carvings.

Our work was helped by the young designer team of Hadas Construction Engineering and Art Ltd from Miskolc, lead by Rudolf Mihály DLA senior designer. It was also a great experience to cooperate with Imre Makovecz, Kossuth-prized architect, whose advice we took with great care.

The Wooden Church was the first important project for our company, its successful completion had a great impact on our future..